Ugliest bird

Top 15 Ugliest Bird Species in the World

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Ugliest bird

Ugliest bird

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#15. Helmeted Hornbill

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11 of the Ugliest Birds in the World. Not all birds are created equal. There are beautiful birds, and then there are some straight up ugly birds. The world's least genetically blessed birds include condors, vultures, turkeys and storks. The bird is almost always judged for its frightening appearance. The Marabou It has earned the dubious distinction of being the world's ugliest bird. In fact.

  • Looks are not everything and they can be deceiving. However, appearances are often the basis of first impressions. That said, the Marabou Stork makes quite an impression. The Marabou Stork has become notorious for its looks. Those descriptions are cruel — but we can easily see where those people are coming from. Marabou Storks are natives of Africa.

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Ugliest bird

Ugliest bird

Ugliest bird

10. Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris)

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The World's Ugliest Birds

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What words do you use when you describe birds? Cute? Beautiful? Melodic? Majestic? How about “ugly”? I don't know about you, but when I think about the. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No creature created by nature can be ugly per se. Still, some people see certain animals as aesthetically. Marabou Stork - The world's ugliest bird eats the things that witches might put in a stew: insects, baby crocodiles, flamingos, small mammals, frogs and fish. The Marabou Stork: Yes, it does really look like that and no, that's not what you think it is. Surprisingly enough, this is a good picture of one of. I truly despise when people quip that “beauty is on the inside”, but I've worked with a lot of species and my vision of which birds are beautiful. World's ugliest bird species. Color pictures for online identification of African bird species. Vultures, Storks & Babblers. Ugliest bird

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Ugliest bird

Ugliest bird

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